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    Keeper and Kid is the story of what happens when a thirty-something guy, happily living his patched-together life in Providence, is yanked through the portal of parenthood and his world very nearly falls apart in the process. For more click here.


    “Ed Hardy’s voice in Keeper and Kid grabs you and won’t let you go until the very last page. Full of local color, bittersweet characters and a story we can all relate to--the day your past arrives on the doorstep of your present life. Keeper and Kid is a marvel. I dare you. Open this book and try to put it down.” 

                                        - Ann Hood, author of The Knitting Circle

    “A rambunctious story that portrays the graceless experience of child-rearing with honesty and good humor.”  - Kirkus Reviews

    “Ed Hardy has written a novel that is at once immensely engaging and about the things that matter most: how we love, how we move on, how the past moves with us. Fathers, sons, lovers, ex-lovers, runaway dogs and cats; they’re all here, and when you least expect them. Keeper and Kid is a lovely, wise and surprising book.”

                                    - Elizabeth Graver, author of The Honey Thief

    “This is a funny and tragic novel. It’s complex and innocent and simple and knowing. It’s all this...but most of all it’s absolutely unforgettable.” - Tony Buchsbaum, January Magazine 

    “Very funny...” - Publishers Weekly

    “As life takes on a whole new meaning, Keeper must determine the things that are truly important. Recommended.” - Tucson Citizen

    “A fine fetching novel with a good heart. Ed Hardy’s hip aphoristic narrator has an awesome range of allusion and metaphor. Even in his most trying moments Keeper is nimble and affecting, a tribute to the author’s endless comic inventiveness.”

                          - Stewart O’Nan, author of Last Night At The Lobster

    “An engrossing and gently funny read.” - Rhode Island Monthly

    “Laugh out loud funny and deeply moving, Hardy’s novel is a thoughtful and poignant look at parenthood and the compromises necessary to make love bloom.”  - The Lima News

    “Moving, funny and incredibly true to life...Hardy’s characters are people we know and their complex interactions  always ring true and create an unforgettable story.” - Largehearted Boy

    “An enjoyable novel. Author Hardy offers no pat answers. You’ll need to draw your own conclusions and think about how well you might do in James’, Leo’s or Leah’s shoes.”

                                       - Sue Story Truax, Omaha World-Herald

    “Add me to the list. Ann Hood was right. I couldn’t put it down. It’s compelling and funny and moving. This would make a great reading group book, too.”  - Robin Kall, WHJJ’s “Reading With Robin

    “Keeper and Kid is a remarkable novel of secrets and surprises and the weight of personal history. Poignant and comic, Hardy nails life-with-small-child as no other contemporary fiction writer has. As Keeper struggles with life on a virtually different planet, Keeper and Kid becomes a deeply moving, page-turning examination of the necessities of friendship, and the stunning power of love.”

                                                  - Paul Cody, author of So Far Gone 

    Truly funny without being light, this book takes an old story (man fighting adulthood inherits a child) and makes it new by introducing a hilarious, likable character in a very unfunny situation.”

                                        - The Flying Pig Bookstore, Shelburne, VT

    “This is a great book that is filled with eccentric characters who you will be sad to leave when the book ends.” - Bookfinds

    “I loved Keeper and Kid...A wonderful novel filled with humor, sadness and love.” - Lori Waddington, Bookloons 

    “Keeper and Kid would make a marvelous book club selection...I can’t recommend enough how wonderful this book is. It will definitely touch every reader’s heart.” - Booking Mama

    “Keeper and Kid is a wonderful and funny novel about what happens when the past and present collide. ...This bittersweet novel touched my heart. The characters are believable and endearing. I carried this book everywhere for two days and would pick it up even if I only had a minute or two to read.”  - Books on the Brain

    “I had a hard time putting Keeper and Kid down.” - Dog Ear Diary

    “A charming novel...” - Pop Goes Fiction

    “(Keeper is) a very believable narrator, he doesn’t whitewash any of his actions or feelings and it is his honesty that is so endearing. The book just got better and better.” - Hey Lady Whatcha Reading

    “Edward Hardy has created an interesting mix of characters and it is difficult not to root for Keeper in his quest to get Leah back while learning to cope with the demands of fatherhood. Let’s just say that the three year-old is not the only one who starts to grow up in Keeper and Kid. This is a fun one.” - Book Chase

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