Geyser Life



    Geyser Life is the story of Nate and Sarah Scales, siblings who barely get along, but who are forced to head west from Boston in an attempt to track down their estranged father who has escaped from a nursing home.


     “A quirky family psychodrama... The siblings’ jousting finally gives way in a surprisingly well-nuanced climax. Wickedly amusing.

                            - Scott Veale, The New York Times Book Review

    “Geyser Life bubbles with nuanced characters, familial mystery and offbeat charm. A first-rate debut.”

                             -Thomas Mallon, author of Dewey Defeats Truman

  “This charming first novel by a widely published short story writer is a poignant - and at times wildly comic - exploration of the true meaning of ‘family values.’ A moving, intelligent tale of lost memory, reconciliation and the power of love. Recommended.”  - Library Journal

    “Hardy has crafted a novel that captures all too well the estranged ennui of the contemporary American family. Geyser Life is quirky, spirited and funny.” - Lori Baker, The Providence Journal

    “Geyser Life is a tender-hearted and funny trip of a novel which offers a sweet, fierce look at an American family as an endangered species. What energizes this beguiling first novel is Edward Hardy’s sense of humor and his uncommon gift for finding in the ordinary signs of the extra-ordinary.”  - Stephanie Vaughn, author of Sweet Talk

    “America’s vast and varied landscape brings a dysfunctional family’s seemingly insurmountable problem and divisions into startlingly new perspective in this quirky, funny and often insightful first novel.”

                                                                          - Publishers Weekly

    “Cannily crafted rewarding first novel... The lovely Geyser Life, with its realistic, even confounding characters, sounds as if Hardy had lived through a similar journey during which the past is put to rest.”

                                    - Candice Russell, Sun-Sentinel, South Florida

    “In Edward Hardy’s moving Geyser Life, two young Americans go west in search of their lost father. Their amusing and ambiguous adventures end, appropriately among explosions of air and water and memory at Yellowstone Park.”  - Alison Lurie, author of Foreign Affairs

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