Reading Guide

  1. 1.Keeper has an interesting off-beat job. How does it mesh with his personality? How does it work to advance the events in the story?

  2. 2.Keeper’s life is changed overnight. What has he lost?

  3. 3.“I guess I’m not the person I thought I was.” Why does Keeper say this?

  4. 4.Is Leah’s reaction to Leo’s arrival realistic? Does it echo anyone else’s reaction to a new and disturbing situation?

  5. 5.What part do animals play in the story?

  6. 6.Can you relate to Cynthia’s keeping of such a secret? What role to secrets play in the book? What makes people give them up?

  7. 7.What role does Grace play in the story?

  8. 8.Card Night plays a role in the story too. What purposes does it serve?

  9. 9.What is the fascination with The Wilsons? Would you be as intrigued if you were at Card Night?

  10. 10. Both Keeper and Leo are trying to navigate unknown territory where they don’t know the language. Are there places in the book where their voyages truly intersect?

  11. 11. Why do you think Keeper is so bad at asking for help when he needs it?

  12. 12. How does Leo’s book, the one Cynthia made, help Keeper get a handle on who Leo is?

  13. 13. “ looks like life has flattened out and presto, some completely cool object pops up right in front of you.” Is this in any way an analogy for the story?

  14. 14. How do Keeper’s parents figure into the story? Should they have appeared earlier? Why do you think they didn’t?

  15. 15. The “wooing” of Leah - Keeper’s plan to get her back, did it work in any way?

  16. 16. How are hospitals and injury used to advance the story?

  17. 17. What does the return of Fred foretell?

  18. 18. What does Keeper gain from the upheaval of his life?

  19. 19. Can you think of an alternative ending that would be satisfying?

  20. 20. What do you think these characters will be doing in five years?